Understand and demystify the challenges of individuals to promote fast, effective and definitive personal, professional and corporate transformation. Thus we unite theoretical and academic concepts with pragmatism and results obtained with practice.

The quest is to achieve full acceptance and adherence to changes regardless of obstacles, whether conceptual, technical or attitudinal.

Approach focuses on personal and professional transformation and evolution of people. The best cost-benefit ratio for professionals and companies that seek to differentiate themselves in a sustainable way.


Services offered

A – Gestão de Mudança Organizacional 

       – Mapeamento e identificação de Stakeholders

       – Idenficação e miticação de riscos e impactos organizacionais

       – Planos estratégicos de atuação, comunicação e alinhamento organizacional

       – Gestão de Treinamentos e Formação comportamental e técnica

B – Mapeamento de Processos

       – Identicação de elementos e desenho

       – Formalização documental de processos

       – Implantação e acompanhamento

A – Temáticos (treinamentos shelf para aplicação em turmas e empresas)

                                – Vendas para Varejo – preparação rápida da força de vendas

                                – Gerentes de Vendas – preparação para a liderança de vendas

                                – Train the trainers – formação de multiplicadores

                                – Técnicas de Apresentação – formação para pessoas que precisam e trabalham com apresentações

                                – Team Building – formação e motivação de equipes de trabalho

                                – Transformação de Líderes – Preparação para formação da gestão

B – Customizados (desenvolvimento de conteúdos customizados aderentes à demanda do cliente)

                                – Navegação e operação em sistemas

                                – Conceitos e abordagens

                                – Processos e procedimentos

                                – Ferramentas e operação

– Mudanças

                – Comunicação

                – Inteligência Ética

                – Estimulando a Criatividade

                – Motivacional

Conteúdo em desenvolvimento.

Based on solid experience in which the focus is on driving, planning, strategy in organizational projects and projects that involve changes impacting people. Among them, organizational change management and process mapping.

The increasingly demanding corporate world, where only the most capable prosper with great returns, needs professionals with superior skills. These skills can be developed even in people with no experience if the correct training is applied. This is where it all happens!

Through ludic and adherent systems, the conceptual part is combined with practical experience, always offering up-to-date information on what is done in terms of market practice. They are developed from shelf needs or completely “customized”.

Do you want to involve, inform, move, enlighten and transform your employees? Our lectures seek to bring new perspectives on issues addressed and that impact our lives. But in a way not easily found in our daily lives. Bringing light under an approach of new concepts and behaviors combining technical content with a relaxed and fun environment. Thus transforming the way of thinking, feeling and acting of the human being.

Coaching is one of the best methodologies for human development and training. A personalized training process that quickly and assertively builds the behavioral skills and abilities for you to achieve your results in a sustainable way.

It aims to provide positive and permanent changes, in addition to achieving great results in all areas of life, professional or personal, up to 20 times faster, demonstrably.

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