Behavioral consultant focused on training and organizational development. Expertise in brand repositioning projects, transition of people and careers, lecturer and university professor. Active in the corporate environment in several segments driven by the passion of a world that is constantly changing in order to contribute to making it more and more fair and perfect.

Graduated in Business Administration with Post-Graduation in Marketing from FAAP and specialization in Branding from ESPM.

Executive Coaching by the INSTIAD institute with expertise in Coaching, Mentoring and Counseling.

About 20 years of professional experience in Marketing, Branding and Personal and Organizational Change Management. Excellent knowledge of project management; enterprise resource systems (Business Objects, Oracle Retail, SAP) and strong knowledge of business intelligence systems; Experience in market and competition analysis programs; Strong commitment to goal achievement; forecasting processes, planning and execution; domain in strategic planning and Supply Chain; Development of business plans and projects in several areas. Knowledge in Total Quality Management, Balanced Score Card, Project Management, Leadership Team, Negotiation Technique and Conflict Management.

Teaching undergraduate, graduate and MBA, as well as coaching projects.



  • Agility – search for results within the needs of customers and their sense of urgency.
  • Excellence – identification of the best to be delivered within the customer’s conditions.
  • Simplicity – effectiveness is linked to individuals’ understanding of concepts.
  • Combination of theory and practice – with a theoretical basis and elaborate methodology linked to empirical knowledge and professional experience.
  • Respect for the individual and the cultures that influence the environment.

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