Do you want to involve, inform, move, enlighten and transform your employees? Our lectures seek to bring new perspectives on issues addressed and that impact our lives. But in a way not easily found in our daily lives. Bringing light under an approach of new concepts and behaviors combining technical content with a relaxed and fun environment. Thus transforming the way of thinking, feeling and acting of the human being.

Motivational lecture aimed at the general public as well as specifically for a particular company, addressing issues and dilemmas that the company itself needs to work on for its motivation.

Lecture to understand the constancy of change, because it’s part of our daily lives, and how much we resist and accept these changes.

Common in most cases is the communication deficit regardless of the sector or size of the company. Work on communication so that it can be done in a simple, natural and effective way.

Have you ever had the feeling of performing different activities and not understanding the reason for these activities? This is called automatism and is more frequent than you might think. We need to resume our role and seek the right direction to improve our result.

Everyone can be creative! Creativity, contrary to what everyone thinks, is not simply talent, it can be exercised and is not exclusive to a few people. Anyone can and should exercise their creativity, just understanding how it works and training.


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