Organizational Consulting

Based on solid experience in which the focus is on driving, planning, strategy in organizational projects and projects that involve changes impacting people. Among them, organizational change management and process mapping.

Organizational Change Management

Competence in which it aims to make people, within the corporate world, better accept changes that are inherent in everyday life, which may be small, medium or high impact changes in their lives.

Through total flexibility, sensitivity and a combination of the best methodologies on the market, the search is for the best relationship for people to transition through change in a faster, easier and less traumatic way. Thus achieving a lower cost in the implementation of these changes.

Quantitatively and qualitatively identify entire people who will be impacted by the changes within the project, through this mapping we are able to determine who will be the people who have more or less acceptance of this change so that we can work on breaking this resistance. In addition, their influences, connection points, interrelationships and other behavioral elements necessary for better guiding people on the journey.

Discovering and demystifying the elements that will change people’s routine and how they will be impacted. Classifying and detailing all the dimensions of the changes brings the correct sense of urgency, prioritization and action through the correct plan of action to mitigate and neutralize the risks while preparing individuals in a technical and behavioral way.

The preparation of people goes through the correct information. With marketing and communication techniques, the focus is to meet the needs of the project, preparing strategic and tactical action plans in terms of communication and organizational alignment. That is, to make people effectively aware of what changes in their daily lives, building the correct mindset and managing to break resistance through the correct dissemination of information. Work communication effectively.

Preparing people to be able to assume their new assignments and behaviors correctly and at the right time. Do the planning and development of training in addition to conducting it either by the consultant or the right people from the company.

Processes Mapping

Identification, exploration and formalization of processes so that they are understood and correctly disseminated. In this way there is a guarantee of continuity of results and continuous improvement.

– Flows, people, areas and activities design.

– Official record in a suitable format for continuous evolution and multiplication among employees.


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